Mission Unstoppable
Written By: Les Brown, Dr. George Fraser and L.C. Green Jr.

Each and every one of us has a mission we were born to fulfill. In their game-changing new book, Mission Unstoppable , renowned visionaries Les Brown and Dr. George Fraser share inspirational stories and wisdom from more than two dozen successful business leaders who answered their calling and stayed the course.

Along with their co-authors, MissionUnstoppableCoverBrown and Fraser reveal how to:

  • Find your true path, even if you are afraid to walk it.
  • Take a chance, even if the odds are stacked against you.
  • Raise your voice, even it the naysayers are loud and numerous.
  • Fight for your vision, even if you stand alone.
  • Succeed, even if you’ve failed more times than you can count.

If you have a dream, a mission, or a goal that at times seems impossible to realize, Mission Unstoppable is the book that will help you achieve it. The world is waiting. The time is now.

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Real Estate Tax Strategies for Homeowners, Landlords, Investors and AgentsRealEstateTaxStrategies

Written by LC Green Jr.

This ebook is written to help real estate owners and real estate professionals save money on their taxes. The tax deductions strategies listed in this book will assist you in planning and implementing methods that will minimize your tax liabilities and take advantage of tax deductions and credits granted by the Internal Revenue Service. Always discuss strategies with your tax professional before employing them. Order your ebook now! Only $3.99

Basic Personal Tax Deductions 1040 StrategiesBasicPersonalTaxDeductions
Written by LC Green Jr.

The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, allows taxpayers to deduct certain items from their income, resulting in decreased taxable income. Using these deductions is to your advantage, but understanding them is the key to take full advantage of the tax code and reducing your tax liability. This book is written to give you a better understanding of how the deductions can benefit you in saving tax dollars. Now available on Amazon



How to Use Traditional Marketing Principles in an Online Marketing WorldUseTradMktgOnline
Written by LC Green Jr.

What can an internet marketer do to stand out, and be noticed and heard above the flood? First let’s start with the fact that the internet is a tool for communication. Like a wrench or pair of pliers, the internet is no more than a mechanism you apply to get the result you want.

Through research, feedback from marketing professionals, and my own experience of marketing business online and offline, I have found that there are universal principles of marketing that are common to all endeavors no matter what tool you use to convey your message.

This book reveals how traditional methods of Marketing can be translated to an online world.

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The Principles of Small Business TaxesPrinciplesSmallBusinessTaxesbookPayPal
Written by LC Green Jr.

Learn small business tax reduction strategies and develop a good tax defense program.

Learn how easy and legal it is for any small business owner or self-employed person to reduce their taxes by $2,000 – $3,000 or more.

This book reveals small business tax reduction strategies that will slash your tax bill. It is designed to help you develop a good tax defense program. It will take you through specific, proven steps that will allow you to achieve your desired tax savings.
This book is not about Loopholes, Gray-Areas or IRS-Bashing. This book is about legal tax deductions based on acts of Congress, sections of the Tax Codes and Tax Court Rulings.

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A Blue Print for SuccessBluePrintForSuccesCoverPayPal
Written by LC Green Jr.

The most powerful force for achieving personal success is goal setting. It is goal setting that can move you from a dream to reality, from wish to fulfillment, from conception to consummation. Goal setting gives concreteness to thoughts and translates into action.

Goal settings begin with the ability to dream. Dreams are the vehicle for identifying possibilities. When you dream, you test possibilities against your desires and adopt those that match. Some dreams are like the wisps of cloud that provide momentary interest but bring no rain. Other dreams are substantial, enfolding you like a warm cloak on a cold day. They give you purpose and anticipation of tomorrow.

Your dreams shape your future, determine the height to which you shall rise, and bring you the success you deserve. Your dreams and ideas for the future are the basis for the goals toward which you will work. What are your dreams? Take time to write them down. Dreams must be captured or they slip trough your fingers and disappear into the nebulous realm of “might have been.” Learn more..

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How to Avoid / Survive an AuditHowToAvoidAuditCoverPayPal
Written by LC Green Jr.

Many Taxpayers fear an IRS audit. This book will give you some tips on avoiding an IRS audit in the first place, or, if you’re already involved in an IRS audit, surviving it with a minimum loss.

Although the IRS audit targets change with the times, below you’ll find some helpful hints as to which tax areas have commanded the IRS’ audit attention in recent years. There are a host of strategies you can use to ensure you aren’t selected for an IRS audit. Learn more…

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